Appeal Process.

You are appealing property taxes payable in 2014. It is too late to appeal property taxes you paid in 2013 unless you are willing to spend $250 and appeal it in Tax Court.

  1. Easy to Appeal
  2. - Go to Minneapolis Tax Appeal Forum or call 311 and ask for the form to appeal your 2014 property taxes.

    - There is NO FEE

    - Review this link Appeal Flowchart

    - Fill out the form and return it to the City of Minneapolis. All appeals must be done by March 31, 2014

  3. The City of Minneapolis will send someone to your house to go through thee property and determine its value. It will be lower than what it is now valued at but more than its really worth.

  4. For other Minnesota cities the formula is about the same. Call your city. Ask what form you fill out or who you talk to in order to appeal the market value of your house. They will immediately do this. Very simple and there is absolute no cost. Just takes a few minutes of your time. They will send someone to look at your house and then you tell them what you really believe it is worth. NO ONE wants to go to court. They will always settle before the court date.

  5. About one third of all sales are short sales and foreclosures. ALL these properties are sold for less than the asking price.The City of Minneapolis will tell you these values and house are not relevant and will not be considered in determining the real value of your property. The bureaucrats want you to have a higher property value than your property is worth. In Minneapolis most homes are valued at 1/3 more than they are worth. If you have money to throw away than this should not be a problem..

  6. If you want a lower value ask them to get you a Minneapolis Board of Appeal and Equalization date. About 99% of the time these cases are settled before a City of Minneapolis Board of Appeal and Equalization date. They do not want to go to court any more than you do. In all my appeals I have never had to go to court. The city always settles. It takes a little negotiation skill on your part. DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR FIRST OFFER. Keep in mind your property is valued at about one-third MORE than you could get if you had to sell the house today. This means you are paying one-third more in property taxes than you need to.

The economy is weak. Home values are starting to increase from depression levels. The Mayor and City Council have not increase the levy but they get the same result by increasing the value of your property. I have one house were the market value stayed the same and they increased taxes 37.7%. I won a $60,000 reduction in value. Act now if you do not want to subsidize the City Of Minneapolis's appetite for increased spending and more taxes.

Check out the real estate in your neighborhood. that has sold in the last 4-6 months. Check on all short sales and find out what it sold for and what the tax value was.

If tax value was $150,000 and it sold for $100,000 that means the property was valued at 33% more than it was worth. If it sold for $120,000 it was valued at 20% more than it was worth. Your are paying 20% more than you should. If property taxes are $2000 a year 20% equals $400. If paying 33% too much your taxes are $666 to high.

In the last few years the City of Minneapolis has most likely reduced your property values. You are still probably paying 1/3 more than you should.

The value of your property is NOT what you think you can sell it for or what you think it is worth. If your property was listed today in its present condition and you wanted to sell it within 60 days what could your realistically get? After all the discounts, closing fees, paying the buyers closing fees etc what would your realistically get. That is the real value.

Many real estate agents value a property for more than it will ever sell for. If you have several real estate agents look at your property make sure you ask for the real price that will sell the house in 60 days. The real estate market is recovering but values are still substantially lower than were they were in 2008.

You can check the property values and more detailed information on houses in your neighborhood by going to or It will tell you what has sold in your area and for the how much if you put in your zip code or address. The value is NOT what you want or what the City of Minneapolis has your property valued at. The real value is what did it sell for. When you check out the assessments on properties over the last several years you will notice a huge increase in values and then a smaller reduction. Your property is still values at about 1/3 more than it is worth. That means you are paying a lot more in property taxes than you should.

Mayor Rybak Your property value is significantly less than what your proposed levies and taxes are for 2014. and property taxes are increasing if you look at the notice you recently received from Hennepin County. You can help subsidize the Mayor, City Council and their bureaucracy spending or fight to personally pay what your property is really worth.

If you appeal your property taxes now and get a reduced value you will have a lower value for years to come. I have appealed the values of every property I own and have ALWAYS got a lower value. I have never had to go to court. The choice is yours. Give more of your income to the City of Minneapolis for fictious values or fight to keep more of your money and have a realistic property tax value.

In realty most houses in Minneapolis are 33% over valued. If you do nothing for years you will face higher taxes to support the aggressive spending of the City of Minneapolis.

Previously, I have one property where they kept the market values the same and increased the property taxes 37.7%. I won a $43,500 reduction in value that year and still got a 37.7% increase.

John Tschohl
Minneapolis property owner


Heading Level 3

Reasons to not appeal your property tax values

  • If you believe the city of Minneapolis deserves more of your money.
  • If you believe the city needs more of your income to fund the bureaucracy, welfare payments and the hundreds of social projects the Mayor and City Council believe in.
  • If you have more money than you need.

Heading Level 3

Reasons very few people appeal their property tax values:

  • Don't know how.
  • Too much work
  • Too expensive
  • I can sell my property for more money if it has a higher property tax value.
  • I can impress my neighbors and friends with the inflated value of my house.

Heading Level 3

Reasons to Appeal:

  • You don't want to overpay.
  • You feel you can spend the savings more effectively than the City of Minneapolis.
  • You want to prevent your property from being taxed at a higher rate for the next 10 years..
  • The tax savings will impact you for years to come.